Mounties looking into the disappearance of a teenaged girl on Bowen Island are confirming they are aware of a troubled relationship she had with an ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, family and friends of 17 year old Jodi Henrickson are desperate for a breakthrough in the case.

Confirmation came as the hunt for Henrickson intensified on Bowen Island, near Horseshoe Bay Wednesday. Volunteer searchers combed backyards on residential properties and a police helicopter was brought in to map remote trails.

"We will continue looking for Jodi, hopefully we will find her soon and get her home,'' said Cpl. Dave Ritchie of Squamish RCMP.

Henrickson has been missing for 11 days. She was last seen leaving a house party on Bowen Island on June 20th.

"All of us had so many what ifs, what if she is being kept somewhere,'' said Crystal Henrikson, a cousin of the missing teen.

Appeared in court

Police confirm that Henrickson and her ex-boyfriend were in contact on the island the night she disappeared. They also say the ex boyfriend came to their attention in April.

"I can confirm Jodi did contact RCMP on April 8th and laid an assault complaint. As a result, the ex boyfriend was charged and appeared in court June 5th and pled guilty. He was given a term of 18 months and that term included a no contact order with Jodi,'' said Ritchie.

The family of Jodi's ex-boyfriend lives on Bowen Island. They weren't talking today but Gavin Arnott's mother Lynne Fedorik released a statement to several media outlets.

"Gavin Arnott is not a suspect in any crime related to Jody Henrickson, and she never sought a court order to stop him from seeing her. Gavin is a good, gentle person who has never been convicted of assault or of any other crime."

Investigators believe Jodi Henrickson is still on the island and are treating this as a missing person case. But having heard nothing from Henrickson, her family is desperate for news of her whereabouts.

With a report by CTV British Columbia's Lisa Rossington