VANCOUVER -- Two snow bikers who were reported missing in the backcountry near Pemberton, B.C. have been found dead after apparently getting caught up in an avalanche.

The men were reported missing in the Goat Creek area on Monday evening, but it was too dark to mount a search effort until the following day.

The Sea to Sky RCMP detachment said backcountry guides reported a fresh "crown" in the area on Monday that indicated an avalanche had been triggered, with a debris field about 100 metres wide by 200 metres long.

The guides also reported they had been "unable to locate any active beacons in the area or determine if the snow bikes made it to the other side of the avalanche debris due to the terrain and darkness," the RCMP said in a news release.

Search crews found parts of the missing men's snow bikes in the debris field on Tuesday morning, then picked up a beacon signal that led them to the bodies.

Police said they would not be releasing the victims' identities.

"The Pemberton and Whistler RCMP would like to remind others thinking of heading to similar areas to carry proper equipment, be aware of local conditions and avalanche risk, and ensure someone is aware of the their location and plan," the Sea to Sky detachment said.

The BC Coroners Service was notified about the deaths and is investigating.