A Kamloops, B.C. middle school teacher has been handed a two-day suspension for kissing a former student's neck and making lewd remarks about her appearance.

According to a consent resolution agreement made public by the British Columbia Commissioner for Teacher Regulation, Brett Edward Wasylik was at a Kamloops restaurant for an end-of-season celebration with a sports team on the evening of Nov. 12, 2016 when he noticed a former student working there as a hostess.

The documents say Wasylik "behaved inappropriately" towards the former student, including commenting on her appearance and referring to her as looking "fucking hot."

The teacher also showed the former student two photos from his phone, the agreement said, one of which was a "professionally taken photo of him shirtless."

"During this conversation, Wasylik was observed to be standing very close to the former student. He also hugged her," the document read," adding that the teacher called to the hostess "come here" while he was sitting in the restaurant's patio area and that "his conduct made the former student feel uncomfortable."

The agreement said Wasylik then saw the former student in the hallway as she was preparing to leave work and walked her to her car, insisting he do so even when she declined.

"He put his arm around her. As they were leaving, the former student used gestures to convey to a co-worker that she was uncomfortable with the situation," the document read.

The agreement said Wasylik hugged the hostess again as she was about to get into her car.

"He was aware that she was uncomfortable," read the agreement. "He said to her words to the effect of 'I'm not going to kiss you, just your neck,' which he did."

The teacher was then confronted by a restaurant manager who told him he was not welcome in the restaurant, the document said.

Wasylik was handed a two-suspension and has admitted that the details of the incident as outlined in the agreement are all true.

The agreement did not say how old the former student was at the time of the incident.

The teacher was suspended without pay for three days by the school district he works for in connection with the same incident in November 2016.

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