The Vancouver Aquarium has provided laughs and groans this year through pun-laced nicknames of its latest rescued seal pups, but this week, a comedian had last laugh.

Ali Wong, an American stand-up comedian known for her Netflix specials and several TV appearances, paid a visit to the facility on Thursday.

"In a twist of fate," the aquarium said in a message posted on Twitter, a new seal pup had just arrived at its rescue centre.

Wong was invited to name it herself, and she stuck to the aquarium's 2019 theme of ocean puns on celebrity names.

"Everyone, meet Algae Wong," the aquarium wrote.

Algae is one of several names doled out to this year's offspring.

Earlier this month, the aquarium posted two shots of a "Fishy Teigen," tagging Chrissy Teigen and saying, "Please don't hate us, it's meant to be a tribute."

Other great names this year include:

Dwayne was the first rescue of the year, and will soon be released back into the wild. The aquarium said he'd leaving on a commercial flight bound for northern B.C. to be released in the area he was originally rescued.

"He was our very first pup this season, had his first swims in a washing basin in our hospital building and received a lot of care and attention. He's now reached his release weight and the vet staff have given him a clean bill of health — now it's up to him," staff said in an Instagram post.