The owner of a multi-million dollar mansion in West Vancouver has asked the courts to stop a fruit stand from selling produce near his driveway, claiming it's preventing him from selling the home.

Paul Marshall, whose home is selling for about $6.5 million, has filed documents in BC Supreme Court arguing the city cannot issue a permit to sell fruit on a residential street.

He says the stand is scaring away potential buyers from the roughly 7,400-square-foot home, which has five bedrooms and six full bathrooms.

Marshall did not return CTV News' calls on Saturday, but Brian Latta, who runs the stand, says it is embraced by many in the community and has the city's support.

"West Van has always shown a really strong commitment to me, to the fruit stand, to the availability of local produce," he said.

Latta has operated the stand every summer for the past seven years, taking daily trips to the valley to collect fresh produce. He says he usually keeps it open for about 100 days straight before closing for the year.

He has not been confronted by any displeased neighbours, Latta added.

"I know that there may have been an issue, but the specifics I cannot comment on. I don't really know."

West Vancouver issued a statement Sunday saying the stand has "consistently been well received by broader community."

"The district will continue to work with all parties at the time of license renewal," it read.

Marshall's realtor told CTV News he has decided to rent the house out for the next year.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Brent Shearer