VANCOUVER -- Police say a suspect with "symptoms of excited delirium" is facing charges after allegedly biting an officer in Vancouver.

In a crime blog, the Vancouver Police Department outlined the events of Jan. 14.

The VPD says two officers who were patrolling the downtown area noticed a man without a shirt on at around noon that day.

The man was in the middle of an intersection, according to their account.

Police say they approached the man and realized there was an existing warrant for his arrest.

But, they say, when they told him he was going to be arrested, the man tried to fight with them.

Police allege the man bit an officer twice during the struggle. That officer was later treated in hospital.

Additionally, they say, the suspect tried to grab an officer's gun.

With the help of a bystander, they were able to gain and keep control of the man until more officers arrived at the scene, according to the VPD.

The suspect was taken away in an ambulance as he allegedly had what officers describe as "symptoms of excited delirium."

The man may face charges of assaulting a peace officer and attempting to disarm.

He has not been publicly identified.