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Man who stabbed Mexican tourist in Vancouver Tim Hortons 2 years ago released from prison, police warn


Vancouver police are warning the public that the man who stabbed a stranger in a downtown coffee shop in January 2022 has been released and will be living in the city again.

David Morin plans to reside at a halfway house in Vancouver, the Vancouver Police Department said in a news release Friday afternoon.

Morin was sentenced to three years in prison in June 2022, but has been granted statutory release by the Correctional Service of Canada, according to the VPD.

"Police believe Morin poses a high risk of significant harm to the community, and that compelling circumstances exist to warn the public that he will be living in Vancouver," police said in their release.

Then 27 years old, Morin was arrested and charged with aggravated assault a few days after attacking a Mexican tourist inside the Tim Hortons in Harbour Centre in January 2022. The violent assault was recorded on the restaurant's surveillance cameras.

At the time, authorities said the attack happened "completely without warning," and that the assailant and his victim didn't know each other and had minimal interaction before the stabbing.

The victim was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries, but he survived. He later told CTV News about the ordeal, saying through a translator that the assault left him feeling anxious whenever he went outside.

"He feels somebody's going to attack him in the back. He feels insecure anywhere he goes," the translator said at the time.

Now 30, Morin is subject to a number of conditions, and can be rearrested if he is seen breaching any of them, police said.

He must not consume, purchase, or possess alcohol or drugs other than prescribed medication and over-the-counter drugs. He must not have any direct or indirect contact with the victim and must not associate with anyone involved in criminal activity. He must not be in possession of knives and he must immediately report all intimate sexual and non-sexual relationships with women to his parole supervisor.

Police described Morin as standing 6'3" with a medium build, short black hair, and brown eyes. They provided a photo of him with their news release and asked anyone who sees him breaching any of his conditions – or knows they have been breached – to call them immediately. Top Stories


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