The hunt is on for a suspected killer after a man was found shot to death in his East Vancouver home.

Vancouver police aren’t releasing much information, but said at around 11:30 Saturday night, officers found the 33-year-old man with gunshot wounds at the entrance of his home at 4496 Gladstone Street.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said the attack was likely targeted, with the victim allegedly being shot multiple times at point blank range after he opened his front door.

Investigators have not confirmed any details about the man other than his age, including whether or not he was known to police.

Neighbours said it is a fairly quiet residential area and were shocked to hear of the gruesome murder.

“We were just in bed and we heard ‘boom boom boom,’ and we didn’t really think much of it,” said Christine Joe, who has a three-month-old son, Eli. “We just thought kids graduating from high school were having a little fun.”

Other witnesses near the scene told CTV News they saw a man wearing a black hoodie fleeing on foot around the time of the shooting.

Police are expected to release more information in the next one to two days.

It's the seventh homicide in Vancouver in 2014.

With a report from CTV Vancouver's Tom Popyk