Police in the B.C. Interior say they've uncovered a cache of weapons and body armour hidden inside a secret room in the home of a man shot by Mounties last week.

Two Kamloops RCMP members shot and injured 43-year-old Gregory McNeil at a home in the Sun Peaks resort on Thursday while responding to a threat complaint.

On Saturday, investigators searched McNeil's home, located in a rural area near Kamloops, and discovered a concealed room filled with guns, a huge quantity of ammunition and bullet-proof vests.

They seized 12 guns, including an automatic Bren light machine gun and a sawed-off 12-gauge shotgun.

McNeil has already been charged with criminal harassment and six firearms offences, and investigators are now proposing numerous additional criminal charges.

McNeil was shot while officers were responding to a complaint of someone uttering threats against a local bank, when they say he pulled out a gun.

Police say the officers opened fire after the McNeil pointed the weapon at them. The gun was recovered at the scene.

Officers shot at McNeil several times, with at least one bullet striking his arm. He was taken to Royal Inland Hospital, where he is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

The Lethbridge Regional Police Service was assigned to head the investigation into the police shooting. The probe will focus on determining whether there is any criminality involved in the incident.