VANCOUVER -- A man recorded on a doorbell camera with two large knives that appear to be a machete and meat cleaver is in custody, according to the Vancouver Police Department.

“We have had dealings with him in the past,” said VPD spokesperson Const. Tania Visintin.

She said there were three different 911 calls Wednesday, from three separate homes, reporting a suspicious man wandering around the neighbourhood near Rupert Street and 41st Avenue, carrying large knives.

When he was taken into custody, he didn’t have any weapons and “was no longer posing a threat to the public,” Visintin said, adding that officers took him home. A few hours later, he was back in custody.

“The same man walked into the Vancouver court community corrections office, where he was found to be breaching his court ordered conditions,” Visintin said. “He’s in custody, remaining in jail until his next court date.”

“It’s not uncommon that we release people pending further investigation,” she added.

Thursday afternoon, while raking her yard, 79-year-old Rajinder Garcha came across two large knives sticking up out of her flower pots. She lives just two doors away from the home that captured the video.

“I saw the knife and my body shake, and I say forget the (leaves),” she told CTV News.

The knives were stuck in her two flower pots in her front yard. She immediately called her daughter.

"I go, ‘If you think it was knives, why’d you touch it? Maybe we need to call the police,’” said her daughter, Angela Bhagria.

They did, and officers picked up the knives late Wednesday. Bhagria said she was baffled that police hadn’t seen the knives sooner, since the pots are visible from the sidewalk.

“I think they should have just checked a couple of houses, you know, two or three houses to see if there’s anything they can find. But I guess they didn’t,” she said.

The man remains in custody and police say their investigation is ongoing.