MAPLE RIDGE – RCMP blocked streets in a residential area of Maple Ridge for several hours Friday afternoon while they dealt with an individual barricaded in a home.

People in the 20500 block of 122b Avenue, not far from Fairview Elementary School, said they were told they couldn't go to their houses, and weren’t being told when the lockdown might end.

Mahina Kailani’s parents own a home next door to the house in question. She was inside working out when a police officer came and knocked on their door.

"He had mentioned it was an active shooter situation,” said Kailani.

The 23-year-old said she noticed the heavy police presence just before noon.

“One of the SWAT team members that had knocked on our back door and just asked, 'Hey are you comfortable with us coming in and being able to get a better vantage point?'" she told CTV News Vancouver.

For hours, an officer was positioned at her bathroom window, with a direct view of home next door. Video shows an armed SWAT team officer walking up her stairs.

“It was totally like a movie," she said. "Like, you're like hearing things and seeing things and you don't even know what to think at that point."

She says police kept her in the loop the entire time.

“There was, I think, like three different like bomb-type sounds," Kailani said. "Two were tear gas, I believe, and one was the door. They had to put an explosive on the door."

RCMP say a man was taken into custody.

"We heard him moan after the shot. We're not sure if it was a Taser or, what do they call it? The bean bag gun,” said Kailani.

"I'm happy that it's a peaceful resolution to this and that the individual is not injured, nobody in the general public is injured, nor are any of our police officers," said Ridge Meadows RCMP Staff Sgt. Grant Wong.

Wong said police had reason to believe the man was in possession of a firearm, but could not confirm this was the case. He said the investigation is ongoing.

"As much as you would feel fear in this situation, the police were really amazing in making us feel comfortable,” Kailani told CTV News.

She feels many police officers don't get the credit they deserve for the work they do.

"It's just crazy to see them in their big uniforms and their big guns and all these things and weapons, but on inside they're just like everyone else," she said. "They're kind individuals that want to make everyone feel safe."

The standoff lasted more than five hours. In a tweet, Ridge Meadows RCMP thanked residents of the area for staying indoors as the situation unfolded. No word yet if charges will be laid.