VANCOUVER -- British Columbians have a hard time letting go of electronics, according to a new study by BC Hydro.

The results show 77 per cent of B.C. residents still own what BC Hydro calls "retro" electronics.

The survey, commissioned by BC Hydro, found 33 per cent of people have a VCR and nearly 50 per cent own a cassette or CD player.

An additional 13 per cent are still holding on to a Discman or Walkman while 66 per cent have a DVD player.

Old gaming consoles are also hard to get rid of according to BC Hydro, with nearly 30 per cent owning a SEGA or older versions of Nintendo.

"In addition to adding clutter to the home, old electronics especially old televisions can be a source of standby power when plugged in," according to BC Hydro, in a news release.

BC Hydro advises taking old or unused electronics to a recycling depot. There are more than 250 Return-It electronic recycling depots or collection sites across the province. 

The study also found British Columbians have 50 per cent more electronics today, compared to 2010.