A major construction project is scheduled to ramp up this weekend in Vancouver, causing disruptions for those travelling by bus, train and car.

Construction began in the area of Commercial-Broadway Station in 2015, but this weekend the project will involve use of two massive cranes, impacting those using the roadway below. 

The station is the busiest in the SkyTrain network, with 90,000 train riders passing through per day and 60,000 along three bus routes.

Construction is scheduled to be completed by next summer, and includes a new pedestrian walkway over Broadway, a new bus shelter for those using the 99 B-Line, new elevators and escalators and a bike storage room. Details of the project's phases, and upgrades completed in 2009, are available online.

Crews are currently focused on the pedestrian overpass, but the heavy equipment required for the job means the roadway below will be partially closed. Drivers are warned to expect delays, and those relying on buses are warned there may be minor detours when westbound lanes are closed. The bus stops located on the northeast and southeast corners of the intersection are also being moved temporarily.

Up at track level, access should not change, but riders can expect delays over the weekend as trains may be running on a single track during construction.

"We've got 2,270-tonne cranes going into place, so it's going to cause some distractions," TransLink's Chris Bryan told CTV News.

And the partial roadway closure this weekend is just the beginning.

At the end of the month, Broadway will be completely closed for two full days, TransLink warned.

"That's the one we're really going to make sure we let people know about, because it's going to be best just to steer clear of that area as a driver," Bryan said.

With winter on the way, the push to finish up at Commercial-Broadway is also being seen at other construction sites in the city.

Howe Street will be completely closed between Pacific and Drake streets over the weekend, and those using Knight Street are warned to expect slowdowns between 41st and 49th avenues.