VANCOUVER -- A small black cat is back with its owner after an adventure atop Stadium-Chinatown Station in downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver resident Su Skerl, who lives right across the street from the station, noticed the curious feline Friday morning as it prowled around the roof of the station. She began tweeting photos and video of the cat, and called TransLink to let the transit authority know what was happening.

Eventually – and at the urging of her eight-year-old daughter, who was concerned about the cat – Skerl said she went down to talk to station attendants in person. Skerl said a young employee called Kevin was particularly helpful and called her later to follow up.

Transit staff were notified and some workers from the maintenance and engineering department headed up to the roof to see if they could help, said Ben Murphy, a spokesperson for TransLink.

"Luckily, one of them had had tuna for lunch and was able to use the tuna as a bit of a lure," Murphy said.

"Apparently the cat got within six feet and they thought they might have some success, but then the cat ran off."

The skittish cat jumped onto a lower level, but Murphy said a tweet from another Twitter user, Nina Kovinic, shows the cat was eventually found in a parkade and is now back home.

In her tweet, Kovinic said the cat was found "under a big box" and she thanked Skerl for posting about the cat's plight.

"Without your help, we wouldn’t have been able to find him," Kovinic wrote.