VANCOUVER -- Scratch-and-win tickets are standard stocking stuffer fare for many people, but lottery officials are urging families to think twice before giving them to children.

While the tickets might seem like harmless fun, the B.C. Lottery Corporation noted they are still a form of gambling and "not suitable" for children and minors.

"Exposure to gambling at a young age may have unintended consequences," Dr. Jamie Wiebe, director of player health for the BCLC, warned in a statement. "It is important that parents and adults understand the impact."

According to the BCLC, research has found a link between underage gambling and gambling problems in adulthood. Officials said children and teens can have poorer judgment than adults, and don't tend to understand how gambling games work or the risks associated with playing them.

More information on the risks associated with different forms of gambling is available on the GameSense website.