VANCOUVER -- The summer season is almost here.

Many wine-drinkers prefer to reach for summer sippers that are lighter in alcohol and calories.

Wine expert Angela Aiello, also known as Super Wine Girl, stopped by CTV Morning Live to share some premium options from New Zealand.

Stoneleigh wines are grown in Marlborough, New Zealand, an area of the South Island that's one of the finest winemaking locations in the world.

New Zealand is a leader in research and development in the lower alcohol category.

Winemakers have deep knowledge of the vineyard terroir they work with, which allows them to identify blocks of vines where grapes develop fuller flavour earlier in the season.

At Stoneleigh, this allows them to select grapes that offer vibrant signature flavour, but at a lower alcohol by volume.

When the grapes are harvested earlier, the sugar levels are naturally low, but the flavours are still fully developed.

Stoneleigh Lighter Rosé and Stoneleigh Lighter Sauvignon Blanc are aromatic and uplifting wines.

Aiello says they pair with a variety of food options

Stoneleigh Lighter Rosé pairs well with pink foods such as watermelon, salmon and vibrant summer salads.

Stoneleigh Lighter Sauvignon Blanc works well with fresh cheeses, sushi and veggie skewers.

To learn more from wine expert Angela Aiello, check out the full video from CTV Morning Live.

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