A series of bizarre letters apparently written to get the attention of a Campbell River woman has instead earned the attention of police.

The letters recently turned up along Beaver Lodge trails, a popular spot for dog walkers, and appear to be written about a specific woman.

“The notes were brought to our attention due to a little bit of the content of the notes,” said Campbell River RCMP Sgt. Troy Beauregard.

The letters appear to be written to a specific woman who regularly walks her pitbulls along the trail.

One of the notes posted to social media reads: “I am very impressed every time I see you in the woods. You seem to realize when you are being watched.”

The letter writer goes on to say he is too shy to approach the woman who he finds beautiful and then includes some passages that some find alarming.

“You could smell my cologne,” the letter says. “I was close enough to hear you ask your friend if she smelt cologne.”

The letter continues: “You obviously have sharp senses, as every time that you stop and look around yourself, I feel as if I am almost caught.”

Police said they have spoken to the woman who the letters are intended for and she is taking it in stride.

“She wasn’t too, too concerned,” Beauregard said,

Still, the police would like to speak to the writer.

“We're just trying to find out what the intent of the letter was - if it was an awkward attempt for courtship, maybe we need to discuss that," said Beuregard.

Anyone with information about the letters is asked to contact the Campbell River RCMP.


With a report from CTV British Columbia’s Penny Daflos.