YouTube singing sensation Susan Boyle is being credited for skyrocketing sales for Vancouver's Arts Club Theatre's upcoming performance of Les Mis�rables.

The unemployed, self-professed "never been kissed" 48-year-old grabbed worldwide attention this week when she belted out the showtune I Dreamed a Dream on the show Britain's Got Talent, blowing away both the audience and judges with her amazing voice.

The Arts Club Theatre says ticket sales have more than doubled in the three days since Doyle's performance went viral on the internet, garnering more than three million hits on YouTube.

Spokesperson Nicole McLuckie says the theatre company would love to give Boyle "her first kiss."

Sara-Jeanne Hosie, the actress who will play Fantine in the Vancouver production, says she has been inundated with emails of the singing sensation's clip by friends and family.

"I'm excited that with her spirit and incredible voice, Susan Boyle has connected people to the beauty and power of this song," Hosie said.

"But mostly it's a relief that if I get hit by a bus, the Arts Club knows exactly who to ask to replace me!"

On of the most successful musicals in history, the hit Les Mis�rables runs from May 14 to July 19 at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage on Granville Street.

The musical has won 50 major theatre awards and has been translated into 21 languages and played to a worldwide audience of more than 51 million.