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Large snake found after going missing in Vancouver's South Granville neighbourhood

(Facebook/Jessica Billings) (Facebook/Jessica Billings)
Vancouver -

The owner of a boa constrictor is apologizing for the panic that ensued after she noticed her snake missing from her home.

Vancouver resident Jessica Billings posted on social media on Thursday that her “incredibly friendly” snake had gone missing from its enclosure in an apartment building at Granville and 14th Avenue and was likely “hiding somewhere warm and dark.”

Billings described her pet as “a seven-to-eight-foot-long Colombian Boa snake named Cody.” She posted on Friday that Cody had been found “in a small opening, in her apartment, where there used to be a fireplace.”

But not before the Vancouver Police Department and people on social media tried to help.

The department’s Twitter post about the missing snake was retweeted nearly 400 times and quote-tweeted almost as much, as users expressed horror, confusion and amusement at the news.

Some also offered advice. One post suggested that Billings look in her dishwasher. The poster said her son’s ball python likes to hide “in between the top of the dishwasher and the counter or in heating vents.”

On Friday, Billings thanked people for the shares and tips on social media and apologized. “Sorry to cause any fear, but so glad Cody is safe and sound,” read the post.

Vancouver police confirmed that Billings’ snake was the same one they had posted about in a statement to CTV News.

“We understand from social media posts, the snake has been found safe and sound,” police said. Top Stories

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