CHILLIWACK, B.C. -- A massive grass and brush fire is burning in Chilliwack near Highway 1, sending huge plumes of smoke into the air that can be seen from many kilometres away.

The fire is about 10 hectares in size and can be seen between Yale and Lickman roads.

Fire crews are attacking the blaze from both the ground and from the air. A helicopter with a bucket from BC Wildfire Service has been dumping water on the blaze.

Chilliwack firefighters say the blaze is considered "moderately” out of control, rather than aggressively out of control, and that the fire is burning close to the ground.

“At first it was very small and I didn’t think much of it,” one witness told CTV News Vancouver.

“And then it started getting bigger. It’s pretty crazy. It’s getting really dark and scary, kind of,” said the man, who identified himself as Payton and declined to provide a last name.

Chilliwack firefighters say no structures are at risk and there is a fire protection dike in the area so the blaze is not expected to jump the highway.

About 45 Chilliwack firefighters, as well as crews from CN Rail and the BC Wildfire Service are battling the blaze.