Nearly 800 kids from 14 Lower Mainland elementary schools came to play at the Vancouver Whitecaps' home stadium Monday.

The event was a part of the Kids Play Foundation's Super Soccer Tournament, held for a second year.

Kids from 10 East Vancouver and four Surrey elementary schools packed the pitch to play spirited games with a goal of having fun, making some new friends and experiencing the thrill of playing on a surface usually reserved for professional athletes.

Kids Play founder Kal Dosanjh says he saw a need for giving inter-city kids an alternative to potential gang and drug activity that he had previously seen children falling in to across his 20 year police career.

"We're taking kids that might not necessarily had the chance or opportunity, we're pointing them in the right direction and it changes the complete trajectory of their lives."

Kids Play, founded in 2015, is an organization who provide extracurricular activities and opportunities for inner city kids who may otherwise not have the opportunity to play or take part.

"We all need to stand shoulder to shoulder," says Dosanjh. "Just because someone else's kid is involved in drugs and gangs does not mean it's not our responsibility as a whole, it takes a village to raise a child and we are that village."

He says the goal of each extracurricular program is to build long-lasting relationships with youths at a young age age to build a sense of community, safety and integrity, which an aim of these becoming values these kids grow up with.

Sports like soccer are a fun and easy way to build these values, Dosanjh says.

Kids Play has served over 60,000 young people through their free programs and have distributed more than $65,000 in scholarships to inter-city students.