Kelowna Mayor Walter Gray seemed to receive an eyeful during a recent interview on the legality of toplessness.

Lori Welbourne, a columnist and blogger was interviewing the mayor on the topic of female toplessness when she decided to use her own body to make a point and pulled down her halter top .

“I felt very exposed, yet liberated at the same time," she told CTV News.

Mayor Gray told CTV News that he is not getting much criticism for the incident, except perhaps from his wife, and the moment of exposure may have been an illusion.

However, some Kelowna residents thought the mayor should have ended the interview when Welbourne appeared to be nude.

“What he could do is answer the question and then shut it down,” a resident told CTV News.

Though most of the feedback has been positive, Welbourne said she did receive personal attacks, being called “a homewrecker” and other “hateful stuff”.

Kelowna city councillor Mohini Singh said the mayor dealt with the situation well and she could appreciate the comic element of Welbourne’s stunt.

"It's out of line, it's a bit tasteless...but on the other hand comedians have long got great laughs by trying to unnerve politicians," she said.

With a report from CTV Kelowna’s Kent Molgat.