VANCOUVER -- An art installation in Vancouver’s West End is frustrating residents yet again.

The LED light display on the outside of the Davie Street Safeway was kept on into the early hours of Friday morning, much to the dismay of residents trying to get some sleep.

“I’ve put a curtain up on my window to block out some of the light. I’ve also repositioned my bed so it doesn’t face the window,” says Isabella Factor, who lives in a building across from the light display.

The 15 light panels were unveiled last year, as part of an art installation operated by developer Westbank Corporation. The lights are only used for specific events, and don’t normally stay on all night.

Erik Jung lives a block away from the lights, but was still impacted.

“It’s so bright; it lights up my entire apartment and my bedroom,” he told CTV News.

The City of Vancouver received seven complaints about light pollution in the West End on Thursday night.

This is the second time in the past year the bright light display has stayed illuminated well after sunset. Last May, peoples’ homes were glowing green, as a programming issue kept the light display from shutting off.

According to Westbank, programming problems are to blame this time, too.

"Unfortunately, during testing a technical error occurred involving a bypass system, and two lightpads were unintentionally left on. We sincerely apologize to the community and Safeway for this situation. We will be creating a 24-hour monitoring system to ensure the light installation operates only within programmed hours going forward,” Westbank told CTV News in a statement.

Still, some sleep-deprived residents would rather see the lights go out for good.

“There’s no use for them. You can only use them in the day. If you use them at night, it’s going to destroy the ambiance of the whole neighbourhood,” says Jung.