“Free” airline promotion is not so free

Laurie writes: Why was I charged a $50 processing fee on Sunwing's "free" price drop guarantee?

Sunwing told us that the "free" price drop guarantee promotion charges a $50 processing fee if a price drop is claimed, to cover administration costs.

When the promotion isn't on and you decide to pay for the price drop guarantee you don't have a processing fee when you make a claim.

The cost of purchasing the price drop protection? $49. So basically, "free" or not, if you make a claim, you’re paying the same price.

Investments after death

Alan writes: If I die does the government take half of my Registered Retirement Income Fund?

That all depends on how well you've planned. If you haven't named your beneficiary, the tax collector will get one last cut at your wealth and it could be close to 50 per cent.

The funds in a RRIF become taxable income on the date of your death, unless you have a spouse or a child under 18 who is financially dependent when you die.

In those cases, the money can be transferred to their RRSP or RRIF.

Ticketed for selling vehicle

Sandra wants to know: Why did I receive an $85 ticket for parking my truck, that's for sale, on a Surrey street?

Turns out parking a vehicle on the street with a "For Sale" sign in it is not allowed.

Surrey bylaws state no goods are permitted to be sold on city property, including vehicles.

If you are selling your vehicle, make sure you remove any "For Sale" signs before parking on city streets.