A Vancouver landlord is apologizing for posting a rental ad demanding that any potential tenant not cook much, barely be home, and pay $1,400 for a two-bedroom basement suite on a busy street with no laundry.

The landlord told CTV News he’s been inundated with angry comments from renters saying he’s taking advantage of a tight rental market by making outrageous demands. But he says he was just trying to find a good fit.

“People took it the wrong way,” said Sunny. “We just put it up there so that we can not be like the other landlords where they have 500 people apply, and they hold them back from applying everywhere else.

“We just thought we’d put it out there and say ‘this is the type of person we’re looking for.’ It was taken out of hand and I think an apology is due to the people who did reply,” Sunny said.

CTV News is identifying him by his first name because he was concerned about more online retribution for the posting.

The landlord advertised the unit as being minutes away from SkyTrain and steps away from Commercial Drive, but said he’s only looking for “REALLY special tenants.”

What that means, according to his Craigslist ad, is people who won’t do much cooking, don’t have pets, and don’t plan to spend much time at home.

“Our ideal tenant would not cook much (only because the smell travels upstairs directly into our living room) and we are vegetarians so we don’t like the smell of meat either,” it read.

“Yes I know I’m asking for a lot but what the hey…”

Potential renters are also asked not to play loud music, party, or have many friends over.

Laundry isn’t included, nor is internet, TV, hydro or on-site parking. Still, for less than $1,500 a month, some home-seekers could potentially see it as a steal.

By comparison, a two-bedroom apartment in Vancouver's Kerrisdale neighbourhood is currently listed at $2,500, hydro and laundry included. Another two-bedroom home on the West Side is being offered for $1,800.

Sunny said he has two children and lives in the home with his wife. They purchased the property in 2004 and he said he’s grown up in the area.

His Craigslist ad was posted four days ago seeking a tenant for Oct. 15, but it has since been flagged for removal from the site.