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'I was speechless': Driver going to pick up kid from school stopped in vehicle with no doors, seatbelts


A driver left B.C. Mounties so speechless earlier this month, the police agency tweeted a photo of the vehicle with no comment.

The photo, posted Wednesday morning, shows a small flatbed truck with no passenger-side door and no seatbelts. The back of the vehicle also appears to be open, with the seats exposed.

B.C. Highway Patrol told CTV News Vancouver in a statement the driver was stopped on Highway 3A near Castlegar on April 14.

"Letting the photo speak the 1,000+ words," Cpl. Mike Halskov said about the muted social media post.

Making the situation even more risky, the driver was reportedly on their way to pick up a child from school, police said.

Mounties said the vehicle "was removed from the road permanently." As well, the driver was handed several tickets including for not having insurance, for a defective vehicle, for operating a vehicle without seatbelts and for failing to produce driver's licence. Top Stories


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