VANCOUVER -- A woman involved in a serious crash in Vancouver last month says the seatbelt she'd been wearing when her taxi rolled over may have saved her life.

Maggie Smith was injured when the taxi she was in at the time rolled over, after the cab and a Range Rover collided.

"We were about a block away from my destination and then it just felt like a big explosion," she recalled to CTV News Vancouver.

"Next thing I know I was hanging upside down."

Her sternum and ribs were broken, and her shoulder, hip, back and neck were hurt.

She requires a walker to get around, and says even just lying in bed is painful. But she believes it could have been worse.

"I probably wouldn't be here still if I wasn't wearing my seatbelt," she said.

Her message was echoed by Vancouver Police Sgt. Aaron Roed, who said anyone in any vehicle – including a cab, or a car hailed through apps like Uber and Lyft – should buckle up.

"This is a law. We encourage everybody to abide by it."