VANCOUVER -- Taylor Kaye is an influential lifestyle expert who enjoys sharing tips on family, food, fashion, fitness and DIY.

Kaye is a busy mom of three girls, who she affectionately refers to as the Special Kayes. Her tips have always been tried and tested within her own family.

Kaye joined CTV Morning Live to express the importance of hydration.

Many people think of staying hydrated when they are spending time outdoors in the sunsine, but it's equally important when working remotely at a desk all day.

Kaye recommends filling a large tumbler with water so you can take sips throughout the work day.

Increased screen time can lead some people to experience dry eye.

One of Kaye's essentials to combat this is Systane Complete Lubricant Eye Drops. Kaye shared this can provide prolonged hydration and lasting protection for dry eye relief.

After screen time it's important to get outdoors and get some vitamin D. That said, sun safety should be kept top of mind.

Kaye says having hats and sunglasses for the entire family is essential to protect against the strong summer sunshine.

She showcased a variety of fun summer finds from WINNERS, HomeSense and Marshalls.

Kaye found tumblers to keep the family hydrated, colourful beach blankets and even a pop-up tent to create some added shade.

Long days in the sun can leave the skin feeling dry. Kaye recommends hydrating the skin with Dr. Teal's.

Its mineral-enriched therapies are infused with essential oils to relax and replenish the mind and body.