For weeks, Tom Lewis and his wife Sandy noticed food would go missing from their outdoor fridge on a campground in West Kelowna. But they were not sure of the thief’s identity.

“[My wife] thought it was maybe raccoons that were coming in here,” Tom Lewis said.

The couple decided to set up a camera to catch the hungry culprit. They were stunned when they saw the footage.

 “I was amazed. I was just amazed,” Sandy Lewis said.

The black bear was caught on camera opening the fridge and rummaging through it. It passed over some vegetables before taking off with some pizza.

“He did get a vegetarian pizza but he left the seafood, which doesn’t sound like a normal bear to me. If he was really hungry the fridge would have been totally destroyed and probably left on its side or whatnot, but he’s been back two or three times,” Tom Lewis said. “He just shops and gets what he needs that day.”

Locals named this intelligent black bear for another popular bear.

“We kinda call him Yogi after the old cartoon classic and we figure he’s smarter than the average bear,” Sandy Lewis said.

Yogi has helped himself to cream cheese, pizza and taquitos over several weeks.

“I don’t know what he’s gonna come back for next, but the fridge will be gone so he won’t be getting anything,” Tom Lewis said.

With a report from CTV Vancouver’s Scott Roberts