Police in Delta, B.C., are boasting a major blow against fraud in the city after seizing hundreds of credit cards and dozens of computer hard drives from an area home.

Officers executed a search warrant at the home, located in the 11100-block of 84th Avenue, earlier this month and found the credit cards, card altering equipment, an embossing machine, 40 computer hard drives and a loaded .25 caliber hand gun.

"Anyone who thinks those dealing with fraud or property crime do not possess any violent potential, that's inaccurate," said Const. Sharlene Brooks.

Brooks said the culprits were also able to transport credit card account data on to non-credit cards to remain inconspicuous.

"They'll go to a pay-at-the-pump gas station and utilize any card, be it a PNE pass or a Safeway card," she said.

Investigators believe the cards were used to buy roughly $500,000 in goods illegally.

Two Delta residents were arrested at the home, 41-year-old Robert Boucher and 37-year-old Letitia Cominetti.

Both were charged with seven offences, including:

  • Possession of instruments for forging or falsifying credit cards
  • Unauthorized possession of credit card data
  • Possession of credit cards obtained by crime
  • Unauthorized possession of a prohibited weapon
  • Unsafe storage of firearm
  • Breach of Recognizance of bail
  • Breach of probation conditions

Cominetti has also been charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Delta Police urged the public to keep their information safe, protect their PIN numbers and passwords, to never disclose personal information over the phone and to shred sensitive paperwork.

"It is not beyond the criminal element to sift through garbage to obtain information," Brooks said.

Cominetti's next court appearance is scheduled for March 26. Boucher is due to appear on April 1.