Just under 400 people in Vancouver happily took part in the North American-wide attempt to break a skinny dipping record.

The official count in the water off Wreck Beach, Vancouver's nude beach, was 382 cavorting skinny dippers.

The hope is the North American dippers' number will surpass last year's record of over 13,600.

Swimmer Arthur Gee, who was wearing nothing but Cat-In-The-Hat headgear, says swimming nude lets out all the daily frustrations and he was happy to see people of all shapes help to break the record.

Vancouver organizer Judy Williams says this year's number didn't beat the almost 500 who came last year, but the underlying goal is to get people to accept their bodies -- and the result would be far fewer world tensions.

The Vancouver contingent has 10 days to submit registration papers, pictures and the official count to the people at Guinness.