Does your car smell musty, funky, or just plain bad no matter how many times you go to the car wash or how many air fresheners you buy?

The experts at Consumer Reports have some easy ways to root out those pesky smells.

For starters, an obvious place to look, and smell, is the dashboard. If the vents in that area are the problem, see whether there are leaves or other debris in the cabin filter.

Clear it out, and if that works, great. If it doesn’t, installing a new cabin filter can really help. They’re not very expensive, and you can probably do it yourself.

“You can also try spraying a professional-grade vent and duct cleaner to get rid of any fungi that might be inside,” said Jon Linkov with Consumer Reports.

Also, moisture in and under carpet mats can cause odour problems.

Carpet cleaners can help, but for tougher smells, you may need to get professional steam cleaning.

And don’t forget about the sunroof. There are small drainage holes on the sides that sometimes get clogged, allowing water to seep into the roof’s liner or even drip onto the seats.

A quick vacuum of that area can solve that problem.

However, if none of these fixes work, you may need to have a mechanic check for more serious problems with the climate system.