Spring break is right around the corner and if the regret of not booking yourself a vacation is starting to set in, it’s not too late to snag a last-minute deal.

“There are still a lot of good deals out there, believe it or not,” said Yvonne Ng, Flight Centre travel consultant.

A little flexibility and some creative planning is all it takes. Some tips for procrastinators? Travel Monday through Thursday and be open to a stopover.

“Maybe leave on a Thursday night with a stopover in Houston on your way to Cancun, that can save some money," explained Ng.

If you're looking for sun, the Dominican Republic and Cuba still have last-minute deals for resorts. And even at the family-favourites Disneyland and Disneyworld you can get a break on prices, with promotions for Canadian residents.

When booking a flight, keep “fare buckets” in mind. What’s that? When limited seats are on sale larger groups will get bumped into a more expensive fare class. So always do your airfare searches as an individual or two maximum.

And remember; watch out for hidden fees when booking with low-cost carriers. You may think you're getting a good deal, but if you have to pay for a checked bag or a meal onboard, you may actually save money booking in a higher class.

But if you want to stay closer to home, Vancouver Island is great for families and a ferry ride or quick flight away.

Or how about hitting the slopes of Whistler?

“Whistler is very accommodating for bigger groups. Sometimes places can sleep up to 4-6 people so that can definitely help offset the costs,” said Ng.

The catch? Wherever you choose to go, you're going to have the spring break crowds there with you.