Firefighters and a veterinarian worked together to rescue a horse that had become stuck in a ditch in Abbotsford Friday afternoon.

As the animal struggled to get free, it only continued to sink deeper into the mud.

Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service Assistant Chief Craig Bird said the horse was elderly, about 34 years old, and under a lot of stress.

"Luckily, the homeowners called 911 and the fire department, as well as their local vet," Bird said. "The vet and crews arrived on scene at approximately the same time. The vet sedated the horse and we used some rope systems, mechanical advantages, to pull the horse out of the ditch."

Bird said the horse did well under sedation, which was a concern given its advanced age. The animal was not injured in the incident.

Friday's rescue wasn't the first time Abbotsford fire crews had been called to the ditch in question.

"We were at this property approximately two years ago for a horse stuck in the ditch in exactly the same spot," Bird said.