A Coquitlam motorcycle owner is speaking out after someone vandalized his prized Harley-Davidson cruiser.

“I know it’s a noisy bike,” Rob Supeene told CTV News, adding that, while he’s had it modified, he does his best to keep the exhaust sounds to a minimum.

“I don’t crack the throttle. I don’t open it up. I literally push it off the driveway and down the alley,” he said.

At least one of those neighbours, however, didn’t seem to appreciate the din along Catherine Avenue when Supeene leaves for work at 6 in the morning.

A week after he’d moved in, Supeene said he awoke to found someone had slashed the motorcycle’s seat, scratched the gas tank, and left a handwritten note that read: “If this wakes me up early morning again, it will get much worse.”

“[I took it] as a threat,” he said. “I don’t see how you could take it any other way.”

Supeene then installed a surveillance camera in case whoever left the note came back.

And it seems his effort paid off. On Tuesday, Supeene woke up to a sticky mess covering his 2013 Wide Glide.

“It literally stripped the paint right off the rear fender,” Supeene said. “It’s ruined the bike.”

Footage from the security camera revealed a person carrying a paint can.

“The first comment that came out of my mouth was ‘I got you, you S-O-B,’” Supeene said, describing his reaction to the act of vandalism as “shock, disgust, anger.”

Supeene called the RCMP, who wouldn’t comment on the case, but his neighbours had plenty to say.

“I think it’s terrible,” neighbor Ross James told CTV News. “I mean, why do people do things like that?”

“It’s ridiculous. It’s stupid,” said Nathan Valecourt.

Supeene estimates the damage to his bike could cost up $10,000 to fix. While insurance should cover most of that amount, he’s worried the vandal could come back.

“How far are you going to go?” he asked. “Stop. Grow up.”

With files from CTV Vancouver’s David Molko