B.C.'s H1N1 vaccine clinics will close on Dec. 18.

Medical Health Officer Dr. Perry Kendall said Tuesday that people should take advantage of the clinics until then to get immunized against the swine flu.

"The demand is slowing down and we think that by the 18th trying to keep large clinics open will not be a very good use of resources," he said.

"We think we can meet the demand without having to take over malls or high school gyms or community centres."

The shots will continue to be available at doctors' offices, medical clinics and through some pharmacists.

Meanwhile, three more people have died in B.C. after getting the H1N1 flu and 32 others had severe cases of the flu in the last week.

That's a sharp decline since the week before when eight deaths and 93 hospitalizations were reported.

Since April, 47 people have died in the province, 40 of them having suffered from underlying medical conditions, five who didn't and two cases are still under investigation.