VANCOUVER -- A group of partiers is planning to ring in 2020 with a dance party on Metro Vancouver's SkyTrain system.

The fourth annual New Year's Eve transit party is being organized by VYVE, the same group that previously made headlines for so-called "hike raves" on the North Shore.

And this one could be the largest yet – organizers told CTV News about 370 people have registered to take part.

Heading into New Year's Eve, police have been reminding revellers that drinking in public is illegal. Authorities said officers will be out enforcing liquor laws throughout the downtown core and along the SkyTrain and Canada Line routes "before, during and after" the evening's parties.

People who drink booze in public face a potential fine of $230.

But VYVE has stressed that its events are dry by design. The description for Tuesday's SkyTrain party encourages participants to "get high off human connection, not drugs and alcohol."

Organizers also ask partiers to "behave with an awareness of others and their boundaries."

VYVE said the group will be meeting at Waterfront Station at 8 p.m. before taking the Canada Line to YVR Airport.