Update: The Ministry of Transportation has announced its making changes to a small metal bump on the Lions Gate Bridge that's been snarling traffic on both sides of the crossing.

The government will be widening the bump and placing more rubber surfacing on it in hopes of creating a smoother driving experience, a spokesperson confirmed Wednesday.

The work is expected to be completed by Friday morning.


Previous story: One little bump on the Lions Gate Bridge is being blamed for snarling traffic for tens of thousands of motorists from the North Shore all the way to East Vancouver.

The metal plate, which is less than two inches thick, was installed on the south end of the crossing to protect joints during overnight repaving work.

But driving over it creates an unsettling sound that motorists have been slowing down to avoid ever since the bump was installed late on Friday.

“I thought that my trunk flew open,” one driver told CTV News after crossing the bridge. “We have a lot of stuff because we’re travelling and I thought that something would have fallen out.”

The issue has been causing traffic backups even during off-peak times, leaving many wondering if there isn’t a better option.

B.C.’s Ministry of Transportation acknowledged the issues the bump is causing, but insisted there’s no reason for drivers to be wary of driving over it.

“Safety of the travelling public is the ministry’s highest priority and this bump should not cause any concern for travellers,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

But the bridge work is scheduled to continue for about four more weeks, and the ministry said it will look into alternative solutions, including reducing the height of the plate.

An update is expected in the coming days.

With a report from CTV Vancouver’s Penny Daflos