Feeling a little mopey? You're not alone.

Turns out, a lot of us are feeling the post-Olympic blues.

For two weeks, the downtown core was packed day and night with Games revellers decked out in red and white. Millions more tuned in to watch the Olympic coverage on CTV.

But now the euphoria is gone.

The epicentre of that party – Robson and Granville – feels like a ghost town.

"It's a bit like Christmas," one woman told CTV News Tuesday. "Now that it's all done, it's kinda like, ‘Oh gee.'"

There are many names for it already. The Post-Partum Olympics. The 2010 Blues. Post-Party Depression.

It hasn't gone unnoticed to our neighbours to the south.

On his late-night talk show Monday, David Letterman's Top 10 List consisted of "Signs You Have Winter Olympics Withdrawal."

Among the signs:

  • You exercise on Nordictrack with a rifle strapped to your back.

  • Brushing your teeth involves an opening and closing ceremony.

  • You sold your BMW and bought a bobsled.

But one expert says this funk we're experiencing probably won't last long.

"Most of us will slip back quickly into our routines, we'll be back to our normal levels of happiness," said Elizabeth  Dunn, a UBC psychology professor. "And we can also get some joy looking forward to the Paralympics, where we can experience some of the same fun again."

And spring is just around the corner.

So, cheer up.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Peter Grainger