VANCOUVER -- A golden retriever, who slipped and fell over a waterfall, has been rescued by Maple Ridge Firefighters.

Rex slipped and went over the lower falls in Golden Ears Park on May 6, say firefighters.

“He ended up in a spot at the bottom of the falls that was hard to access and he couldn't get out,” reads a statement from the department.

Video of the rescue operation shows about half a dozen crew members in black and red gear, pulling a large dog out from the plunge pool area at the bottom of the falls.

The dog, likely frightened, appears calm and cooperative, and allows firefighters to carry him without fuss. Crews use ropes, a pulley system, and brute strength to hoist him up a steep slope, over a fence, and onto a lookout platform next to the falls.

Rex can also be seen accepting a chin scratch from a crew member part way up the slope. Once on solid-ground, he does a shake, and a firefighter can be heard saying “shake it off.”

His humans greet him, saying “Hi baby.” Soon after he posed for a photo with firefighters, for which he held his chin decisively high.