General Motors is hoping you'll want to drive home with a piece of Olympic history after the Games are over.

There are currently 4,600 GM vehicles being used for the Games, mostly to ferry athletes and officials. The vehicles range from Chevy Malibus to full-sized trucks. They include a thousand flex-fuel vehicles and 750 hybrids.

After the Games are over, they'll need to find a home. GM is planning to sell them at a discount.

"These vehicles will have about 3 to 5,000 kilometres so they will be sold as a used vehicle and will be at a discount from new," said Matt Crossley, director of engineering for GM Canada.

"Discount from new" means not at full price -- much like rental cars are sold at a discount after they are a few months old.

But only one-third of the vehicles will be sold in B.C.

"That's because of the fact that there are so many vehicles here that will be hitting the market at once. It's very difficult to re-sell those into any one central area," Crossley said.

The rest will be sold elsewhere in Canada and the U.S.

All the Olympic decals will be removed each vehicle, but a badge will remain to signify that it was once an Olympic vehicle.

The first vehicles will go on sale in mid-March at the earliest.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Chris Olsen