People trying to access the BC Ferries website in the past 24 hours have found themselves being sent to a completely different site with the same web address.

A technical glitch during a software upgrade for the corporation caused the system to start using a different IP address Monday, sending customers to another website, according to spokesperson Deborah Marshall.

People typing in or are being sent to a website advertising B.C. tourism and vacation destinations. It claims to list ferry schedules, but users are forwarded to a number of search engines if they click on the link.

Marshall says the problem will be fixed by Tuesday night.

"The company has put the fix in place, but now it's up to the individual service providers to refresh or reset the address," she told Tuesday morning.

"Contrary to some reports, the website wasn't hijacked, or anything like that."

Marshall says the update should happen automatically and Shaw internet customers appear to be the only ones still affected by the shutdown. But Bell customers also reported experiencing problems Tuesday afternoon.