As a memorial grows where an eight-year-old girl fell to her death on Saturday afternoon, neighbours are still reeling after seeing her plummet more than a dozen storeys.

She from the 22nd floor of 3771 Bartlett Court in Burnaby, in plain view of several residents and neighbours.

Bruce MacDonald lives in the building and rushed to help.

"I used to have my First Aid ticket so I went over there and was this close to looking over her body," he said. "There was someone already there trying to get a pulse from her neck."

He says paramedics arrived quickly and scooped up the girl's lifeless body. A few minutes later, her father came downstairs.

"Yeah, it was horrible," MacDonald said. "Here's a father and he's coming downstairs and his little girl just died… You think of your own family.

A memorial is now growing at the spot where she was found. It shows photos of the happy eight-year-old and identifies her only as Audrey.

Neighbours tell CTV News that Audrey was visually impaired. Police did not confirm, saying they were not prepared to speak about the victim's medical status.

Police are still trying to determine how she fell—and whether it was from a balcony or a window. They say there's nothing that leads them to believe her death was anything but a tragic accident.

RCMP investigators are continuing to piece together what happened, speaking to witnesses and Audrey's parents.

With a report from CTV Vancouver's Breanna Karstens-Smith