An animal rights extremist group has claimed responsibility for attacking a high-end boutique owned by Real Housewives of Vancouver star Jody Claman.

The Animal Liberation Front confirmed Wednesday that members targeted Claman’s West Vancouver shop, Glass House Couture, because of her history of wearing and selling fur products.

“During the night of March 21, we descended upon Vancouver to visit her horrid store,” an email release from the ALF said. “We squirted foul liquid in the door to destroy anything it touched. We also reminded the Glass House that they are under surveillance by signing our name ALF in large painted letters.”

The group also threatened to target Claman’s house if she continues to sell fur, or is seen wearing fur on any future Real Housewives episodes.

“Get it through your head, if you continue killing them, you will continue hearing from us.”

Claman did not respond to a request for comment by press time, but told The Province newspaper the furs she sells are either second-hand or purchased from ethical suppliers.

“I don’t believe in killing innocent animals,” Claman said.

If the extremists follow through on their threats, Claman could find herself in the same boat as Megan Halprin, co-owner of the Snowflake retail store in downtown Vancouver, who has been subjected to a systematic campaign of harassment for years for selling fur products.

Halprin’s store and her home have been vandalized with red paint, black paint, bleach, rotten meat and threatening messages.

ALF members even took responsibility for throwing a Molotov cocktail at an unoccupied police cruiser that was parked outside Halrpin’s home in January.

Vancouver police said the incendiary weapon missed the police cruiser, and did not cause any property damage.

Animal rights activists accuse the fur industry of inflicting unnecessary suffering on fur-bearing animals, claiming they are kept in cages for life.

Proponents acknowledge there are rogue fur harvesters, but insist the modern fur industry is heavily regulated and not inhumane.