RICHMOND -- A frustrated Richmond business owner is releasing video that he says shows a pair of alleged arsonists as they set fire to his workplace last year.

Tim Yang of Carboy Motors says there have been no arrests in connetion to the blaze that broke out March 30, 2019.

Yang says he was heartbroken when he got the call saying his business was burning.

“It was devastating. Can't believe it," he told CTV News.

But he was even more shocked when he reviewed surveillance video from his work cameras.

Richmond RCMP have now shared some of that footage with the public.

"I didn't sleep all night and I watched that video again and again," Yang said.

The video shows a man approach Yang's business at roughly 5:45 a.m. carrying what appears to be a jerry can. A short time later, a second man appears on the security footage.

A separate camera angle then shows the two men standing together next to the exterior of the building. Suddenly, the camera captures a bright flash followed by an explosion and then fire. The alleged arsonists jump back and flee to a nearby vehicle.

But they don’t immediately drive away.

"The suspect stop his vehicle and try to take some photos or videos," said Yang. "I think he wants to show off to his pals for doing this."

Yang says he doesn't believe he has any enemies and doesn't know why someone would target his business.

"That's a one-million-dollar question. That's what we want to know. We don't understand,” he said.

But he wonders if it could be a disgruntled customer who took things too far.

He says he recently had a customer make a disturbing comment to him.

"He just said, 'Do you want your office set fire again?'"

Yang reported the exchange to police.

In a statement to CTV News, Richmond RCMP said investigators are following up on recent information they've received.

"Arson investigations can be very challenging. In this case, the suspects appear to have been captured on video, but their identities remain in question," police said in a statement.

Yang says the alleged arsonists fled in what he believes is a Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV.

"It's a very distinctive vehicle," he said.

Yang is hoping someone who sees the video may be able provide Mounties with the information they need to solve the case.