VANCOUVER - B.C.'s former auditor general John Doyle is suing the province for unpaid benefits and expenses and for allegedly making him the subject of a media smear campaign.

A statement of civil claim filed in B.C. Supreme Court says Doyle is still owed 18 weeks of vacation time, 10 weeks of retirement entitlement, and reimbursement for travel and relocation expenses, among other things.

The court document says those terms were laid out when Doyle accepted the auditor general position in August 2007, but the province has yet to pay him the benefits.

It also alleges the government acted maliciously when unnamed officials told the media last March that Doyle's expenses and benefits were being investigated by the police, causing him mental distress.

A spokesperson for the government says the province is aware of the lawsuit but will not be commenting.

Doyle resigned from the B.C. position last May and is now a state auditor general in Australia.