A Vancouver "pirate" is selling his ship for about the price of a one-bedroom condo in the city.

Captain "Terrible Terry" Campbell is selling The Black Spirit, a pirate ship often seen sailing in the less-than-vast waters of False Creek.

Terry – who isn't so terrible after all – told CTV News he's selling the ship now that he's getting "a little long in the tooth."

While most pirate ships were built for pirates looking to pillage and loot, "Terrible Terry" is more of a softie than a scallywag, and his boat was a labour of love.

"My grandson was turning seven years old and he wanted to have a birthday party on a pirate ship. Of course, I couldn't find one, so I built him one," Terry said.

Since then, the boat has gone on to host many more parties for pint-sized pirates.

But now, Terry's working on a new boat, so he's putting the pirate ship out on the market.

It will cost the new owner about $550,000 to secure the treasure, which is comparable to the cost of a Vancouver condo of about the same size.

"This boat's 50 feet long and 12 feet wide. It's on three pontoons so it's a very stable platform," he said. And the Black Spirit even comes with its own charismatic crew to swab the decks as needed.

"We are hoping that someone's going to take this operation over here in Vancouver, operate it as we are."