VANCOUVER -- Fleurs de Villes combines the love of flowers and local design talent and launches events around the world.

In each city the team works with top local florists, designers, growers and nurseries to create stunning displays of art.

Fleurs de Villes Rosé has arrived in downtown Vancouver and runs until June 20.

This fresh floral trail is free for the public to enjoy.

There are over 50 stunning floral installations that have been brought to life by talented local florists.

This self-guided trail is a safe way to enjoy time outdoors.

Not only is this event a feast for the eyes, but it also supports a very important cause.

Fleurs de Villes has partnered with the Breast Cancer Society of Canada and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Along the trail, representatives of the Breast Cancer Society of Canada will be available to take donations that support life saving research intiatives.