Superstore employee caught changing best-before date - Health standards at a B.C. grocery store are being questioned after an employee was caught on hidden camera re-wrapping fish with a new best-before date.

Alleged 'loophole' lets stores change best-before date - A consumer advocate says he's shocked about an alleged "loophole" in Canadian law that punishes grocery stores for changing a packaged-on date on perishable foods -- but allows grocery stores to change a best-before date.

Ex-Superstore workers claim they changed dates, too - After an investigation revealed a B.C. grocery store changing the best-before date on fish, former Superstore employees have come forward to claim that it wasn't the first time this happened.

Shopper questions store's best-before dates on chicken - A consumer is asking questions about the freshness of chicken in her local grocery store after a CTV News investigation revealed a B.C. Superstore changing the best-before date on fish.

Health critic wants strict rules on best-before dates - The health critic for the federal Liberals is calling for a change in regulations after a B.C. grocery store employee was caught on hidden camera giving salmon steaks a new best-before date.