The Greer Creek fire southwest of Vanderhoof, B.C., is now 40-per-cent contained, thanks to the work of firefighters and heavy equipment.

Crews have constructed a 6,100-hectare bulldozed line around the wildfire's perimeter to act as a potential barrier against its spread, but the fight to extinguish the flames is not yet over.

"Until that line is secured it's basically just a line in the dirt," Fire Information Officer Gwen Eamer told

Fire officials are also lighting controlled fires to burn towards the main fire.

"The idea is we remove the fuel under our own terms between that dozer line and the fire front," Eamer said. "Fighting fire with fire."

At present, the humidity and temperatures in the area are favourable, but blustery afternoon winds may threaten conditions.

"Mother Nature plays tricks on us every once in a while, so at this point we take the day as it comes," Eamer said. "Today it's going fairly well. We're not seeing too volatile fire behaviour."

In all, 251 personnel were working to subdue the blaze on Wednesday, including firefighters, medical responders, helicopter and equipment operators, and incident command specialists.

The cause of the wildfire remains under investigation.

Although the fire danger rating in the southern area of the Prince George Fire Centre is still high, the rating has decreased in the northeast area.